Pacific Showcase

Showcase Spotlight:

Sayde Allen



Tell us about yourself:
I am the 12-year-old daughter of Ty and Nicole Allen. I am heavily involved in our livestock operation here in Elk City, OK – while also very active in the Canute Public Schools athletic department. I enjoy playing softball, basketball, working with my show animals, and hanging out with my friends.

Tell us how you got involved in showing:
I was born into a family that is very active in the livestock industry. My parents own Allen/Newcomb Show Lambs here in Elk City, OK. I have grown up going to shows since I was a little baby. Being around livestock is all I’ve ever known, so naturally, I really enjoy showing sheep, goats, and pigs.

Highlight some of your success that means the most to you:
I have been very blessed to have a successful show career so far. However, I don’t think I will be able to top the 2022 National Western Stock Show – where I was able to have Grand Champion Market Goat and Reserve Grand Market Lamb.

Tell us about your interests and hobbies:
I am always on the go. I enjoy playing softball, basketball and spending my time in the barn. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and supporting my little sisters in their adventures.

What are your future goals?
My future goals are to attend Oklahoma State University, then return home and operate my family’s show lamb operation.

Tell us the most challenging moment in your show career:
The most challenging moment in my show career was when almost all of my show lambs this year got blue tongue and I was not able to compete at some shows. I really had no idea if they would overcome it, or what my show season would look like this year.

Tell us the most rewarding moment in your show career:
I can’t pick just one of the most rewarding moments. My show career has been nothing short of amazing and I am very blessed to have the career I’ve had so far.

If you could offer a new showman one piece of advice what would it be and why?
I would advise them to always work hard no matter who is watching. The hard work will set you up for future success.

What keeps you working hard and striving to be better each day?
I always want to be better than I was yesterday. That requires extra time and longer hours some days – but the end result is worth it.

What is the most important tip you could give any showman?
Spend time with your animals. You will create a bond with your animals that only you two will understand. You will gain their trust throughout your time together.

What do you hope other showman see or think about you when they are at a show?
I wish they saw the time spent in the barn. Most days I go from school, to practice, straight to the barn to care for my animals.

When your years of showing are over what do you hope people will remember about you?
I hope they remember that it is not so much about the banner at the end of the day. I have created memories and friendships that will last a lifetime, which will set me up for future success.

Where do you see yourself in 5 Years?
In five years I will be nearing the end of my show career. I hope to have marked some big wins off my bucket list and hopefully have won a state championship in softball and basketball.

What’s one thing you want to accomplish in the showing?
One thing I want to accomplish in the show ring is being in the top 3 with my little sisters. I think that would be the best show ever.

Who do you look up to?
I look up to my Mom. She is always there to support us in everything we do in life and never lets us go without anything we want or need. Plus she puts up with my Dad – we all know that is a hard job.

Who do you strive to be life?
I strive to be like Kailen (Sister) Urban. She is always nice to everyone, helps me with my homework, and gives me tips when I’m showing.

Who motivates you?
Cooper Newcomb motivates me. He pushes me to work harder and be better in the barn. I wouldn’t be the showman I am today without him.